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We are a close family of individuals related by blood and marriage; three sisters and a sister-in-law, and extended family. We have five children between us. Our hope is to begin a legacy of self-sufficiency to support our families without having to rely on "Big Business" to provide our paychecks. Our company will never become a business that does not put employees and customers first.  We have become disillusioned by the corporate world that no longer puts people over profit. With our goal, as described below, our children will be able to grow up in a world that teaches them self-care and care for others.



Our ultimate goal is to start a foundation in the name of our brothers who have passed away.  One died by suicide in 2018 at 18 years old and one due to complications of drug addiction in 2020 at 28 years old. Ten percent of gross sales on our website or our mobile site will go to the foundation. The hope behind establishing this organization is to be able to reach out to all who are hurting and provide a safe haven. Many more details will be available in the near future, but for now we are in the very early stages of setting this up. Our mother is the founder of this organization and we will be supporting her in this endeavor through monetary contributions and our time. Particular areas of concern are depression and anxiety in all of our youth; LGTBQ issues such as homelessness and low self-esteem; alcohol and drug addiction; and PTSD in everyone, especially in service members. These are the issues that have been plaguing our society in recent years and have led to a large increase in suicide among young people. These issues are near and dear to our hearts, as they have hit very close to home. 

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